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Murray out for the season

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  • Murray out for the season

    1. This was brewing for at least a year. There are two systemic issues that Murray appears to be battling from what I understand.
    A. Term GPA and Credit issues are easier to salvage as a Freshman/Sophomore. You can take interim and summer school classes to repair those two. Failure to not make progress on these leads to suspensions as I understand it.
    B. As you get further and further along the NCAA tacks on a couple more requirements. Graduation progress and cumulative GPA. I believe there is a suspension potential here as well (but I am not entirely sure how it works) and ineligibility. This can be appealed for hardship.
    --In any case, A typically leads to B if it happens a bunch and it is more difficult, and sometimes impossible to fix without getting to ineligibility. Most colleges prefer their players to take reduced course loads during the season, and if you fail a class it puts increased pressure on Spring and Summer. You do that too often and it becomes difficult to overcome. If it is A that is at root the issue, then I think we'll most definitely see him back. If it is B, even with a redshirt year, the road is much hard in my experience. I do wish him the best. School and football are a difficult combo. Smart move by the MSU staff to try to fix rather than band-aid the problem.

    2. MSU might be better at QB from a wholistic level, but in the process I think it does two things:
    A. MSU loses their best running back, or at least the most positionally difficult person on the field to defend.
    B. Makes MSU easier to defend. Like defending Cal Poly, MSU was hard to defend last year because of the requirement to account for Murray in the run game. They were essentially a Veer/option team. You can now better account and the schemes are less contrived to defend them.

    3. Indirect impact:
    A. I wonder how much of the clock this offense, without Murray as running back 1A, will grind. One of the reasons their defense appeared to be better was they didn't see a lot of snaps. Will this lead to more exposure for Gregorak's defense?
    B. Does this lead to putting Anderson as a Murray type guy at quarterback. I'd think Rovig would probably have a leg up intially considering the Oregon kid was injured and needs to play catchup. I don't think it is clear who wins it. If they have to put Anderson at QB to be successful, I think it dilutes their depth at running back. IMHO, I'd like to give the kid some position certainty to further accelerate his growth. I don't know they have this luxury.

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    Choate has to coach an offense now.