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5 observations about Hauck 2.0

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  • 5 observations about Hauck 2.0

    Just a few thoughts on things occur to me as Hauck 2.0 begins:

    1. With the lack of information coming from the program, at least substantive, it is going to be hard until the first scrimmage to see where the program is at. Even while Hauck has opened up practices, he has put a lid on social media from media and fan types. So what you have is one of the strangest beginnings to a season I have seen. Put blame wherever you want, but neither the program or representative media is putting a tremendous amount of content out. It is almost as if, at least perceptually, they want Bobby's first weeks to get in under the radar. Just a surreal experience so far. Like before he is in control of everything the program says and does, and the message has been subtle and reserved so far in the first three days of practice. The message board existence hasn't been this quiet in many a year. Either in substance or discussion.

    2. As much as I can infer, I think we are going to see a SDSU-esque philosophy both offensively and defensively. The offensive strength of the program probably is still on the perimeter and I wonder if we might not see more RPO and play action than the run heavy concept SDSU employed out of the pistol the last couple of years. The 3-3-5 seems to match the personnel movements, and who is playing where on the DL and why there might be depth issues at LB. I have a hard time imagining that, but the 4-3 system and the 3-3-5 don't mix well in what they ask of LB's.

    3. I just really wonder where on the scale the program is. With as quiet as it has been, and Hauck's desire to be Lou Holtz and underplay, what a reasonable assessment of the program might be. Just a gut feeling, based upon who is returning, is the ceiling is much higher that one might think. I think that philosophy of underplaying might help the UM in its first three games, when teams don't have a lot of film, that it might help the staff slowly roll out things.

    4. I don't think we are done seeing players move. The 3-3-5 or the 4-2-5 are hard defenses to gauge until you get live snaps. I could see a ton of lateral movement or inter change within the position to get players in the right spot. Calhoun's move, in my opinion is less about depth, and more to how the current personnel fits within the defensive philosophy. the 3-3-5, is a funky defense to learn and it requires some specific traits in players that make them more inclined to play certain positions at certain times.

    5. Like I said, if I were to go by my gut, I think the D is going to be fine. I think the scheme switch helps and judging by the type of personnel they brought in that I would buy stock in the defense. Wouldn't sell it on the offense, but until we see some game action, it is decidedly going to be a work in process.

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    People won't recognize this team.