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UC Davis vs Idaho

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  • UC Davis vs Idaho

    Today Idaho is gonna find out what an ass kicking in the BSc is all about.

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    This game was closer than I thought it would be.

    Idaho needs 3 or 4 seasons to hopefully get some talent on their roster that can make them competitive in the FCS


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      I honestly wondered how this was going to play out.

      UC Davis isn't bad, but good gravy UI looked slow for much of that game.

      I always questioned how they were to going to recruit in that transition period. To me in some ways it was always riskier than the cutting of scholarships. Saw a bit of the Fresno State game and some of this one, and you'd have to wonder if that transition process is going to be a bit bumpier than expected. Between walk-ons and scholarship players they have half of their team as Freshman. Their junior class is half junior college kids, and they don't have a tremendous amount of collective experience.

      They just didn't look very good against Davis. They looked slow and discombobulated at times. I don't know if it was one bad game, but their opening three games of work as a FCS member look a bit suspect. They don't have a lot of offensive threats and Petrino didn't seem to be at times a good fit for what they were trying to do offensively.

      They have PSU this week and ISU the next week, so there is a chance to right the ship. Because their last half of the schedule is tough. Eastern, Southern Utah, North Dakota and UM in consecutive weeks. If they play like they did against UCD, EWU will throttle them.


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        Very nice of Dan Hawkins to play third and fourth stringers most of the second half.


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          Pretty crazy Petrino is playing his son at QB. There are a few Montana high school teams Mason Petrino wouldn't start for.

          On top of that, the backup QBs are even worse somehow. It's gotta be the worst group of QBs to ever play D1 ball.

          Petrino doesn't care though. There's no way Idaho will fire him and pay his buyout. Guy makes $440K a year, and his contract runs through 2022.

          It's an interesting disaster to watch unfold.