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  • Robbie Hauck

    Is not a D1 football player.

    Not big enough
    Definitely not strong enough
    Constantly gets beat deep
    Out of position (due to being slow)

    I know our secondary is horrible but there are guys better than he is right now. Wonder why he starts over them..............

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    Hauck getting beat like a rented mile so far. 7 missed tackles and 2 late hits due to him not being fast enough to cover D1 athletes.

    And as I type this Anderson runs by him for a touchdown.


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      Bump, he got fucking toasted and trashed in the UCD and Suck St game, expect more of the same today.

      He's too slow to play D1 football


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        Nope. Big sack today. May not be most talented but a baller. Call next time your this way.


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          Nope totally disagree, he is ok in run support but hes too slow and too small to deal with slot guys and he gets beat every single game multiple times. Hes lucky they dont throw his way more often, hes a liability and there is only one reason hes playing.

          I will call you in a couple weeks heading that way for a week or so.


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            In my opinion, if he were playing a traditional 4-3 cover 2 safety like his uncle played, we wouldn’t speak as ill of him. He makes up for a lot less than ideal characteristics in that hybrid position because he does have great anticipatory skills. The position he plays gets him in either/or spots a ton, and he doesn’t have the recovery skills that a couple of other safeties have in the program. The problem is a bit of a fit issue as Sandry and Robertson probably fit the 3-3-5 safety concept a bit better than Hauck does.

            Frankly it is the one knock I have with the 4-2-5 and the 3-3-5 is the demands they put on that flex safety position. You need a pretty special player there to execute it and Hauck clearly has the the anticipatory skills to work there, but at times he doesn’t have the athletic ability when the defense is exposed a bit.


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              Hauck getting toasted again today and as I type this he gets called for PI....... Which might be a bad call because as usual the defender was 11 to 17 yards past him down field.


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                That QB pressure is a perfect exame of how slow Hauck is the QB just ran away from him on the roll out wasn't even close


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                  Toasted, torched and embarrassed again today. He was even worse than Sandry today which is really saying something


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                    Originally posted by ALPHAGRIZ1 View Post
                    Toasted, torched and embarrassed again today. He was even worse than Sandry today which is really saying something
                    Agree that Hauck is very overrated. If his dad was not the head coach, he would not be starting. In every game he pads his tackle stats by coming in late and hitting a player who has already been tackled. Watch him and you will see him do it every chance he gets. And, he is horrible in pass coverage.