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    Why is this guy still starting? I am so sick of his dropped balls, fumbles, and mental mistakes! Akem is a much better WR and should be starting over Curran. I think the only reason Hauck keeps starting him is that he is the self-anointed "leader" on the team. A real rah-rah guy. But his on-field gaffs negate all of that leadership stuff. Yesterday, he gave-up yet another drop on a critical 3rd down pass, and fumbled after the catch by not properly securing the ball (fortunately he was saved because his knee hit the ground before the fumble). And, then there was the play he fcuked-up which 90% of fans blamed on a poor pass by Sneed. In the first quarter, Curran ran a go-route down the West sideline, and the ball was supposedly "over-thrown". However, the real reason for the in-completion was that Curran slowed down on his route to look back to find the ball, thus causing a perfectly-thrown pass to appear like an overthrow. If he continues running full-speed, it was a TD (providing he could catch the pass, which is always doubtful). It was a perfectly thrown pass by Sneed, NOT an overthrow!