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Keeping Our Win In Perspective

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  • Keeping Our Win In Perspective

    Baby steps. That is what we are taking. Yep, the Sac. State win was a big one. But, let's keep it in perspective and look at the big picture. Our defense was shredded by the Hornets, giving up several big plays, and RB with over 200+ rushing yards. Our safety play, supposedly a strength this year, was simply abysmal! We are not even close to being a good team. Even though we should be 4-0 this season after poor coaching cost us the WIU game, we have not played a single quality team this season. Can you imagine what NDSU, JMU, or SDSU would do to us?

    For me, I will never be satisfied by narrow wins against middle-of-the-pact Big Sky teams..... teams we used to throttle by 30-40 points in the past. Until we return to dominating the pretenders, and putting a defense on the field capable of shutting down good offenses, like NDSU does every week (and does every year for many seasons), we will not be close to the annually-great Griz teams we used to enjoy for so many years.

    The fact is, we just don't have the caliber of players throughout the line-up that we used to have. To make it worse, our depth at most positions is just not there. It is not just the fact that we are "young", as many Griz fans want to blame it on....... the talent is not there either. Bubble Screen Bob set this program back so far with his skewed recruiting philosophy, and lack of dominating the in-state recruiting wars, that it has left Bobby with many Band-Aids in shuffling players around to try to field a semblance of quality. I suppose that our lack of depth will be exposed as the inevitable parade of injuries takes down several starters during the season. And, if Sneed goes down to injury, it could get very ugly when his threat of running the ball makes our offense one-dimensional.

    I have stated before that we will not even be a factor on the national stage for a minimum of three years, and I stand by this. Until then, we can enjoy the progress, and beating the pretenders while we begin the process to recruit the kids to return us to dominance once again.

    Not trying to piss in the fan's corn flakes after this win, but as always I am totally objective about this team. Until we can compete on even turf with the eite teams in FCS, we are still taking baby steps.
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    I don't disagree with your comment. I am encouraged by the fact there were adjustments made at halftime. Sneed is a better QB than what we have had recently. We don't have overall talent and absolutely no depth to speak of on either side of the ball. Offensive line did show more push in the second half but, still a long way from where we need to be to compete. Defensive line play has been a disappointment to me over all other areas. Supposedly a strength, we can not generate a rush without blitzing. Our linemen seem to get locked up and stay engaged more than I can ever remember. No dominant play from that group which is really starting to show as it did Saturday. For perspective, I love that we won. I saw some promising things but would agree we are not ready for prime time yet or anywhere close. We don't have one group that is capable of taking over a game.


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      People are gushing about the "progress" our O-line is making. I ask you to remember one thing...... it was freakin' Sac. State that we were running against....... not exactly a pillar of defense! There are several possible reasons for our weak O-line play. First, thety are young. Second, they do not have experience playing as a unit. Third, our center is a back-up, and not experienced at making pre-snap line calls. And lastly, it may very well be that the talent level among this group is just not there. I think all are factors, but so many are stating that our O-line will turn into a strength next season since all return. That will only happen if the talent potential is there, and we will not really know that until next season.


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        Our line is 2-3 years away from being really good. Gonna take that long to get the horses in there.


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          I agree with the premise the Griz OL is likely a year or two away from being 'Great,' I do believe however given the scheme they have a chance to be serviceable this year. SS wasn't great up front, but I saw a variance in the run game that we haven't seen in at least two coaching staffs. Neither Delaney or Stitt were huge on the breadth of the running game, but with this staff teams will have a lot to account for in regards to formation, personnel and scheme. A lot of it still seems to be zone scheme based, but this group will be given a fighting chance up front. Variance doesn't always work, but with the skill personnel they have the ability to pull it off.

          Won't be perfect, but i don't see the group up front getting completely manhandled as long as they continue to demand a lot on the edges. the worry is more about the pass pro, and if we have to throw it 50 times a game, I don't know many teams survive that type of pass rush onslaught.


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            All I know is Sac State would have destroyed Bob Stitt last Saturday. And Bob Stitt would have been crying about players not executing and complaining that the refs blew the targeting calls against the Griz in the postgame press conf. Thankfully he's gone but he left a huge mess.

            Hauck's working with what he has and the results have been fairly impressive. there's only so much you can do when the guys across from you are bigger, faster, stronger..

            Griz will be a much better team next year and even better the year after.



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              It was a win against Sac State............................

              The fact people are trying to sell proof of how far we have fallen. I love how the idiots are trying to say JLM runs good routes as a WR!!! Ha ha ha ha none of them have a clue or ever watched him run routes last year if they think that. Never played the game.

              This year Hauck and Rosey have him running more vertical than horizontal (novel idea) JLM has improved his route running this year but he routinely has bad footwork in and out of breaks and he still pivots, jukes, jives and runs backwards too much. He is the 2nd or 3rd best WR on our roster and hes a hell of a lot better than Curran.


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                Tried talking some sense into them, akin to trying to communicate w/a brick wall.

                Oh well, in case ya'll didn't know Curran is a "great" receiver and JLM is the best to ever don the uniform.

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              Curran has gained playing time by becoming a self-anointed "leader" on the team. If not for that fact, Akem would be starting in his place. Bobby places importance on the leadership aspect of a player, and I can't disagree with him on that. That does not change the fact that Curran drops at least one pass every game, most of them in crucial situations. I love the physical way Akem plays the game, and he catches the rock. If he were on other Big Sky teams, he would be making headlines.


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                Akem listed in front of Curran on 2-deep for Poly.


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                  Originally posted by glendivegriz View Post
                  Akem listed in front of Curran on 2-deep for Poly.
                  Good! Akem->Toure->JLM?