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  • So?

    Didn't get to listen to the game, was at the atrocious Twins and Whitesox game.

    Stats only say so much, would love a report from someone who watched the game please!

    End if the day its worrisome but not surprising how many yards they got on the ground. Good to have some turnovers (seemed timely according to box score).

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    I like this team. Just watched the scond half again. it’s fun to watch the griz grind out a win like that. Hauck’s teams are pretty badass. Nice to have that back.

    A lot of young talent that will be developed properly.


    • Hawkeyebowhunter
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      Mind me asking where you are watching it from?

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      Not at all. I got a week or month free trial of Fubo tv. It has a dvr function. I'll PM you may login info.

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    Be more objective 5700. The Griz suck. It's just that their opponents suck more, objectively speaking.


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      Poly will almost always win the TOP, which they did. The Griz gave up yards but, unlike years past, they did not get gashed by playing undisciplined. Coaches kept the D fresh which allowed them to play aggressive. Stopping them 3 times on 4th and short is impressive when you consider their offense is geared up to easily pick up yards on the ground. Forced Poly into mistakes ,Buss taking the mishandled pitch for 6 and the mistake on the punt to give the Griz a short field. I saw the stats and was surprised they gave up that many yards as it was mostly middle of the field yardage and few red-zone drives.


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        Originally posted by Raider View Post
        Be more objective 5700. The Griz suck. It's just that their opponents suck more, objectively speaking.
        Raider, I am always objective, as you know. Hauck has put enough Band-Aids in place to make the Griz respectable, in the Big Sky, that is. I give him credit for that. There are so many holes in our line-up, and little depth at several key positions to state that we are a solid team.

        To me, the measuring stick for Montana football, since we enjoy the biggest recruiting advantages in all of FCS football, is to be among the top 5 teams in the nation. We are not even close to that level now. So, it continues to be a re-buliding process. Most Griz fans will be mollified if we reach the play-offs this season, which should now be a given. I will not be happy until we return to the level we used to be every season, and be able to go deep into the playoffs. Our cup-cake schedule this season will mask many of our weaknesses.


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          We are still 2 years away from being top 10. But I like the progress....