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  • G. Jensen

    OMG, the sky is falling! The ladies over at esugar are wringing their hands and doubling-up on their Midol tabs at the thought of Jensen going to the Bobcats!

    Jensen is soft, is not very accurate, and disappears in big games. He is just not that good, and is nothing to fret about.

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    Jensen doesn't have the balls to accept a scholarship to try and beat us. He's not good enough to beat us anyway


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      I agree. If he was any sort of a competitor, he would have stayed here. There’s no way he goes to the cats..


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        I think he should. Everyone on our defense would want to take a shot at him.


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          You know what's funny about him......The pin heads over at esugar are crapping their panties slamming Hauck for "allowing" Jensen to leave. They tell us how great he is doing at his JC. The real story is that his JC team is one of the top JC teams in the nation, with several kids (including two stud WRs), and several offensive linemen who will be signed by solid FBS teams. Should be pretty easy for a QB to look great, huh? Well, Jensen is lighting-it-up with a WHOPPING 58% completion percentage! He has never been an accurate passer, and never failed to disappear against good defenses while at UM.