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    Originally posted by glendivegriz View Post

    Well, we will have to see if that plays out. I believe you could put Saban at UNLV and he would struggle. Let's face it, the campus is ugly. The fan base is isn't good. The stadium isn't bad but there is nothing enticing about playing for UNLV. Most of the talent in the area gets picked off by Power 5 conference teams.
    I agree, Hauck was stupid to take the UNLV job. It has always been a graveyard for any coach. Saban or Meyer could not win at UNLV. At least Bobby got them into one bowl game, which is the only one they have played in for many years. I guess he was able to become financially set for life by taking it, so there is that. Do I think Bobby is a great coach? No way. Read my posts in which I state that his coaching decisions late in both the WIU and PSU games caused those losses. Great coaches win both of those games. There are very few great coaches at the FCS level. And, if they are great, they don't stay in FCS very long. But I do think Bobby can recruit a much higher level of talent than Stitt/Delaney brought in, especially in-state.
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      Originally posted by Old School View Post
      What is your excuse going to be when Hauck is here 5 or 6 years and we still are not an elite program?

      I wasn't a fan of hiring Hauck back because of what he did at UNLV, he didn't leave it better than he found it. Everyone likes to laud accolades on Hauck about his recruiting but that didn't translate at the FBS level and I am not sure he will do much back here in Montana. I hope they give him time and I am wrong.
      There will be zero excuse. Any coach who can not win at Montana with the vast recruiting advantages we have should find a new occupation.