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    We have Sneed, Sulser, Akem on offense

    Olson, Buss and I will throw in Jace Lewis even though I shouldnt. on defense.

    Thats it, its all we have, no depth, marginal placeholders lining up on both sides of the ball. Other than the names listed above every other position should be filled with new recruits and drops downs next year. The current players on this years team should be fighting for backup spots.

    We dont have the horses and its gonna get worse before if and when it ever gets better.

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    Don't disagree at all. Obvious that overall talent and depth just isn't there. This won't be a short term reload. It's a retool.


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      Stitt Happens.


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        Whats funny is a few of us have been bitching about this for about 4 or 5 years and the lemmings led by the self anointed football guru keep eating his shit about the NFL caliber talent that is being recruited. Jackson was the only OL recruit that has been worth a damn in the last 3 recruiting classes and he left.

        The current players on the OL will never be good let alone great, they are slow, weak and all of them have the typical millennial pussy mindset. You cant coach what they dont have and will never attain. 2 years ago many of us said 3-5 years to rebuild and now even Hauck is saying 3-5 years NOW.

        This isnt coming back no matter how many acronyms and hashtags you make up.


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          You nailed it AG, this is gonna take 5 years to be competitive again


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            This may be unpopular as hell but, I think we need to leave the west coast lineman alone and start scouring for some farm boys. West coast football is soft.


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              I totally agree with you, name one west coast OL over the last 25 years that was dominating and performed well over BIG10 nasty talent..................I'll wait and destroy your argument.

              Washington, USC, Oregon always cave when they go up against the real power house programs like the Big10 or ACC.


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                Cory Proctor was OK.... And he was only 18 years ago.....


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                  In my previous post giving my formula for returning to dominance, one of my points was to open recruiting channels into states like MN, WI, IL, IA, where the big nasties live. I agree that most of the linemen from The Left Coast are soft, and demonstrate that when going up against teams from the South and Mid-West.