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  • Pin Heads Ladle-On The Blame

    It is so nauseating reading the predictable drivel on esugar placing the blame for our loss yesterday on such factors as: 1) the crowd not returning for the start of the third quarter, or, 2) Jensen not being our QB. If I read one more post about Jensen, I am seriously going to lose lunch!

    Like, our only problems for the ass-kicking were our QB,or the lack of "cheering". Give me a f_cking break! Obviously none of these posters have played the game. If having a vocal crowd is a requirement for winning, please tell us how the other Big Sky teams EVER win a football game, in front of their normal 5,000 wild and vocal home fan base? If our team has to depend on our crowd before they can win, we are in deeper shit than previously thought!

    We lost because we have very little talent, and almost no depth at key positions. Alpha1 stated it correctly when he listed the only players of "Griz quality" on the roster, and that list is very short! The only disagreement I have with his list is Sneed. He is NOT the answer at QB, and we will see more of the same next year if he is the starter.

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    We saw a good game plan and coaching job. We just didn't have the talent to ride it out. Just that simple.


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        We have been getting pummeled in the 4th quarter of almost every game. We have had leads in the third quarter in the WIU, PSU, and Davis losses, but can not sustain the lead and lose.

        The reasons are many, including poor coaching. However, one big reason is our lack of depth, especially on defense (thanks, Bubble Screen Bob!). By the time the 4th quarter rolls around, our defensive starters are totally gassed, and their back-ups couldn't stop a good high school team from scoring. I sure hope Hauck runs-off about 40% of the wasted scholarships after this season, so we can start to re-build this thing!