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  • Formula for RTD

    It is time to open a discussion on what steps Bobby needs to undertake in the off-season to get this program on track. Here are my thoughts. Feel free to add or disagree with any of my points"\

    1) Replace Rosey as O-coordinator. Promote Pease to that position
    2) Secure a solid FBS drop-down QB (or 5th-year grad) to start next season, even if it is for only one year
    3) Recruit a solid high school QB to groom to be a future starter
    4) Secure a stud drop-down FBS running back to be our feature back. We have no RB currently on the roster good enough to be that player
    5) Recruit at least 2-3 solid FBS drop-down or JC O-linemen
    6) Recruit 2-3 drop-down CBs/Safeties
    7) Dominate the in-state recruiting
    8) Run-off the pretenders on the roster to open-up more schollies
    9) Fill the rest of the available schollies with solid out-of-state high school talent

    I realize that Bobby will be unble to accomplish all of these. But, these should be on his "to do wish list". Comments?

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    I am not really going to worry about next year so much. I would focus on 3,4,7,8, and 9. Fill the cupboard with abundance of young talent. If drop-downs fall in your lap sure but only if they are players who will really set a tone in the locker room as well as on the field. No gap fillers. Lineman sure. Skill players are to iffy in my opinion.


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      If you have a dominating OL you dont need stud QBs or RBs. A great OL can make average talent look better than it is. Start there the rest would fall into place