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Griz got what they deserved

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  • Griz got what they deserved

    The majority of our fan base got straight kicked in the face today and I am glad it happened.

    All the losers that bitched about Sneed over Jenson and Calhoun over Eastwood got shit rubbed in their face today with this loss and it couldnt happen to bigger idiots.

    Hauck will not build this back up to what he had when he left and I doubt our depth gets any better next year. We need 16 starters next year that should be comprised of all new players not currently on our roster.

    All we have on offense is Sneed, Sulser, JLM, Akem and 7 other placeholders.

    We lose Buss so on defense we will have Sims, Olson Nash, Calhoun and 7 other placeholders. T

    The talent deficiency we have isnt going to be fixed with recruiting in less than 3 or 4 years.

    Hauck just lost to a very shitty BSC team with a 22-0 lead. His kid got fucking housed all game long and has all season. All the fans that wanted Hauck back got exactly what they deserved today. Montana lost because of a weak administration and AD, they lost because they bow down to social justice warriors and show no spine. All of them deserve this, own this and everyone of them needs to look in the mirro and he honest with themselves instead of putting this all the other factors they like to place blame on.

    Enjoy the big fucking L on all your foreheads, you earned it.
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    Glad Keenan Curran is finally gone, now I dont need to worry about dropped balls all the time.


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      timid and weak, let’s go there!


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        I don't know what the reason is you guys like bashing players, but sometimes its better to cool off before you comment on games. I do appreciate you getting rid of growler on here but lets leave players alone.