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    For all the talk about Hauck being this master recruiter this class is pretty underwhelming. We need immediate help on the OL and Secondary and he got one guy that might be able to play now.

    Welcome to mediocrity for the rest of the decade

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    Who knows. The recruiting stuff is over-hyped. We never know which kid will pan out or who will develop in a couple of years. Think looking at the roster makeup, the Griz are clearly looking long term. If based off of the recruiting rankings, LSU and Texas would be top ten every year. Alabama would never lose a game. The transfer rules have also greatly lessened the importance of those rankings.


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      Depending on who you ask, I think you are going to get a couple of different observations about this class:

      The Montana kids, who the staff is super high on, don’t play well regionally on recruiting sites. There are several of those kids the staff believes have incredible upside. Now much of that is likely hype, but they believe Owens, Tirrell, Gradney and Meyer are or could be all BSC guys. There is a belief that some of the out of state kids could play right away. Hurlburt, Pillans, Grossman and McGourin are all kids who are physically capable of playing right now. Or so the staff says. The understanding is the Pillans could play any of the OL positions, and his contribution might be his ability to do many things on the line.

      What I have heard, is they like a lot of the red-shirts as instant contributors this year. I think there were reasons for why they recruited who they did, and where they recruited. I haven’t heard it spoken verbally by anyone, but there are some underlying theories I have about the philosophy with this recruiting class.

      They wanted to add depth up the middle defensively and recruited players they felt could play multiple positions offensively or defensively and they have stated as much several times since December. One of hte hallmarks of the older Hauck’s team wasn’t necessarily the top end talent (there was that) but the depth and players to make contributions in many ways. They wanted more competition in practice, being able to do more because there was a clear lack of that last year from what I have heard.

      Whether all of the above I have repeated is bull crap to appease the fan base, I dont know. I think there is a used car salesman feel to the message, and I think it was a confluence of what went on last year and the lack of initial results. Maybe they need to sell the program again, haven’t had to do that in a long while, but there is a sense of a desire to do some PR work.