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Week #3 Big Sky FCS Games

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  • Week #3 Big Sky FCS Games

    #5 EWU @ #16 JSU
    ISU @ FBS #11 Utah
    MSU @ WIU
    CP @ FBS OSU
    UI @ FB WYO
    WSU @ FBS UN
    SFA @ SUU
    NC @ SSU
    LU @ UCD

    Only three home games among the bunch this week. This is a FBS blood bath week with ISU, PSU, UM, UI and WSU facing FBS schools, three of which are ranked. Could get ugly this weekend.

    I'll update as the day going on with some comments.

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    Early Games:

    EWU 28 JSU 21 2nd Q: Eastern is as good athletically as any team in FCS, but until they find a way to become better defensively they aren't going to answer NDSU. Eastern jumped out to a 14-7 lead with 2 TD's within the first two minutes of the game. EWU got up 28-7 only to have JSU rattle off 14 unanswered. Currently it is 35-21 midway through the second. The key to beating Eastern, as it has been the last couple of years is to find a way to slow them down. This game has all the hallmarks of a mid 40's barn burner.

    MSU 7 WIU 7 (Half): MSU is super sloppy. I don't think it is going to take Choate very long to pull the plug on the Baumann experiment. They just aren't very good throwing the ball, and if you use comparables (WIU was out classed by UNA) and Montana destroyed UNA, this game shouldn't be all that competitive, but it is. MSU again lacks dynamism on offense and unless Baumann can figure out how to press the ball down the field, this game is going to be much tighter than it needs be.

    Utah 24 ISU 0 (Half) As you might expect this game was going to be a snoozer. ISU has only managed about 50 yards of offense in the first half.

    Idaho 10 Wyoming 0. Absolutely stunning result right now. For a team that nearly lost to DII CWU last week, the Vandals have some how managed to find a way to get the ball in the end zone. Wyoming has missed two FG's. I'd imagine sooner or later Wyoming figures things out, but this is an absolute surprise right now.

    Oregon State 31 CP 7: Honestly thought this game might be closer but OSU has had this game in control from the opening snap.


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      WYO 14 UI 10: Well so much for UIs surprise, WYO scores 14 unanswered.

      MSU 10 WIU 7. MSU drives full length of field, has to settle for FG.


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        Listening to game. Griz sound like the played ok. Made some positives. Hate the fighting phil knight nikes.


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          Some takeaways from Big Sky Conference after week 3.

          1. Eastern's Offense is as GOOD as advertised. Their defense isn't. That 4th quarter collapse, was actually three quarters in the making. EWU is going to outscore people, but when they run into teams who can match them athletically on offense, they might struggle.

          2. Said this on twitter yesterday, but MSU has to be at least moderately concerned about their QB position. If their schedule wasn't so soft, I'd say they are going to be in a bit of trouble. Baumann looked incredibly shaky yesterday and you can't beat teams with 6 yard hitches all game. At this point they might still roll through their schedule, but it may be on the backs of the defense.

          3. Weber State may only score 110 points on the season, but it might not matter. They have now held two FBS opponents to a total of 25 points in two games. Hill is a defensive genius and despite graduations it appears that this version is better than advertised. At about the quarter poll, WSU might be the team to take down EWU at the top of the conference.

          4. I doubt it'll happen, but would Northern Colorado punt on Earnest Collins mid season? They absolutely got shellacked by an improved SS team 50-0. Kevin Thomson might be the leader at the quarter turn for Conference Offensive POY. 27-41 361 and 5 TDS for Sac State last night.

          5. Wyoming likes to win games ugly, but this one was especially ugly. If you are Idaho, this has to be how you win games for the rest of the year. They ground the clock, took their time and you hope your offense can find a way to score. Fortunately for Wyoming, their offense was just a bit less atrocious than Idahos in the scoring category.

          Conference POW:
          1. Kevin Thomson 27-41 361 5TD's
          2. Jake Meir 38-49 389 4TDs
          3. Logan Jones 21-167 2TDS
          4. Lance Lawson 13 Rec 131 YDS 2 TDS
          5. Antoine Custer Jr. 28 Car 184 YDS

          Defensive POW:
          1. Jonah Williams (WSU): 9 Tackles 3 sacks .5 TFL v. Nevada
          2. Dante Olson (UM): 10 Tackles 4 A v. Oregon
          3. Nick Eaton (UCD): 2 Sacks, 1 FF, 2 PD's v. Lehigh
          4. Dariyn Choates (SS): 6 Tackles, 3 TFL, 2 FF v. NC
          5. Luke Nelson (NC): 10 Tackles, 1 FF, 1 TFL v. SS