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    We keep hearing about how strong Cam's arm is. Yep, there is no doubt that he has a cannon. But, that is his main problem, his cannon arm! Effective QBs throw "catchable passes". Sneed throws a ball that is very easy for our receivers to catch. Humphrey does not. Of the four dropped passes last week, two of them were caused by Cam rifling a bullet pass so hard that it got on the WR so quickly that he had no time to react and adjust to catch the ball. QB arm strength is so overrated. Even on deep out patterns Cam throws a bullet. If his pass is not 100% on-target, it results in an in-completion. An accurate pass made with touch does not have to be perfect to be completed, allowing the WR to adjust and make the catch.

    I watched Humphrey running the first unit offense during fall pre-season practice, and I observed his continued lack of touch on passes. When he completes one of his bullets, he looks like a great QB. It is a thing of beauty. But, he causes so many in-completions by not allowing the WR time to adjust to a pass which might be slightly off-target.

    His other glaring issue is one shared by many QBs, which is that he locks-in on his primary receiver and does not go through his progressions. I am not slamming Humphrey, just pointing out why I do not think he will ever be an elite Big Sky QB, unless he learns to read the defense to find the open receiver, then deliver a pass which allows the WR the best chance to catch the ball.