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Think of how much better it could have been......

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  • Think of how much better it could have been......

    if Gresch Jensen would have been our QB??? ROFL Where are all of those Jensen whiners these days?

    Oh, I don't think that Cam will be our starting QB next season.

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    No shit


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      That’s why BH gets paid the big bucks. He sniffed him out in a matter of months....The guy threw a decent ball but obviously he wasn’t mentally though enough for Bobby’s liking.


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        Hope you all saw how pedestrian Cam looked in the SEL game when he came in. Came close to throwing an interception, and also was inaccurate on a sideline throw which he threw way too hard, and with no touch, not allowing the WR to adjust to make the catch. If Hauck does not find another QB to lead us next season, it will be a long year! I'm betting he brings in a drop-down..... or maybe the JC QB he is signing will be the answer.