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Brawl Aftermath

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  • Brawl Aftermath

    For Griz fans this is just one game on a 12 game schedule its just another game on the way to the playoffs. It was a road loss no different than Sac St

    For cat fans this is the single biggest win in the history of their program, its their superbowl its what they need its what they live for. They NEED this game to feel relevant. Teams that have 5 9 win seasons in the history of their program will grab on to anything to try and act like they belong. cats have never in the history of their program played a half of football like they did in the first half. They looked like us. Single biggest game in their 100+ year history.

    In the history of the brawl the cats have 5 streaks of 4 or more with the biggest streak 6 games.

    The Griz have 6 winning streaks of 4 or more most in the range of 8 years 10 years and 16.

    Congrats on the win you beat us but the reaction of the 2 fan bases is why we are Montana and they are little brother.