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  • Hauck to San Diego State

    Has anyone over here heard anything about this rumor? They keep deleting the thread on egriz so it makes me wonder whats up

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    I keep getting distracted...

    So here is the deal in a nutshell that as I understand it.

    Rocky Long informed SDSU in early December (I think) that he was toying on resigning as head coach at SDSU. There were a number of reasons, but he felt that approaching 70 that he couldn't commit that type of work. Moreover there was an understanding that Rocky may not be the man to take the program into their new and more intimate stadium. I don't know if that was the case, but since SDSU won the ballot initiative to buy the old Qualcomm site there were numbers of boosters that wondered if Rocky would be able to get butts into a seat of a stadium and a project that would require tons of public financing to pay for. From what I understand Rocky informed Wicker before the end of the season that he was going to explore other coaching possibilities.

    J.D. Wicker the athletic director at SDSU had a list of coaches on his preferred list. Bobby was one of those. As I understand it, Wicker reached out to Bobby and a few other candidates to gauge their availability. The idea was to attempt to lure a coach that would be a good steward of the program, and increase the visibility of the program. Bobby was loved here in SD. The players loved him, the athletic department and booster staff loved him. I don't know what the base salary was, but with incentives I understand the total package was close or near a million per year. Rocky made far less than that, but that is immaterial here, but Wicker was willing to amp up the incentives to get the right coach.

    Bobby, as relayed by Haslam, rejected that very robust offer. There were a lot of reasons for that rejection but the package wasn't the reason. Not many people here in SD are overly enamored with the hiring of hiring of Hoke and that is functionally why I think the rumor continues to persist. The news of Bobby's perceived involvement broke really late, well after Long resigned, and Hoke isn't going anywhere. I don't know how Wicker sees Hoke, but at least in the short term continuity moreso than ceiling was a consideration. The rumor here was that after Bobby left, Long wanted someone on staff that would make for a logical transition. Thus when Hoke became available, and his familiarity with SDSU made Hoke a popular choice to bring in and Hoke spent last year on Rocky's staff. Which is why it makes sense that the rumor was Rocky had told Wicker long before the season started that he was operating on a year-by-year plan as HC.


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      I haven’t heard the BH back to San Diego State rumors but I’d take him as HC over Hoke any day of the week. Hoke was probably a short notice “ bail out” choice at best. He’s had a difficult time since Ball State.... Bobby probably realized that the SDSU fan base isn’t as committed as the Griz fan base so I’d doubt he’d come back even though he was very successful here with the special teams. 24 can attest to it but the SD sports fans are a different bread. Maybe if they built an on campus stadium, they’d pack the fans in but playin’ at the old Chargers stadium is a joke. I bet the Griz out draw SDSU significantly...
      You can never predict fan support around here. We have one of the best college basketball teams in the country and they are popular but will it help promote the whole athletic department? The jury is out...

      The rumors were “ hot and heavy” that the AD wanted Rocky to fire some of his coaches in the offseason. That’s supposedly why he left. He is as “old school” as they come and nobody was going to tell him what to do...The whole drama surrounding his departure was strange. He was caught interviewing for DC jobs all over the country before the SDSU press conference announcing his retirement and the Hoke hire. Go figure. Rocky was a good coach for SDSU. He took the program to new heights with couple of conference titles. I like him a lot but you could always count on an awkward loss from him. Rocky seemed to always lose to an FBS team early in the year....I do wish him luck at New Mexico.
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