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More Examples of How Defense Wins Champioships.

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  • More Examples of How Defense Wins Champioships.

    Yeah, I realize I beat this topic into the ground, but the Bob Stitt supporters need an education on this subject because I still don't think they buy-in.

    Let's look at the NFL playoff teams left, as well as the the two teams who played for both the FBS and FCS football national championships. Here is how these teams ranked in defense within their respective leagues.

    NFL Defensive Team Rankings: Minnesota #1.....Jacksonville #2....Philadelphia #4.... New England #8

    FBS Defensive Team National Rankings: Alabama #1.... Georgia #4

    FCS Defensive Team National Rankings: NDSU #2.... JMU #1

    These stats should be allof the proof anyone needs to understand why the Grizzlies under Bob Stitt would NEVER compete for a National Championship! The fact that Stitt left Bobby with a depleted defense is also the reason why we will not compete for a National Championship in the next couple of seasons.

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    No doubt here.


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      You cannot sugar coat those facts. Defense wins Championships!


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        Agreed. Doesn’t really matter what level you’re talking about either (Super Bowl 50 comes to mind). Even In this day and age of high octane offenses.


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          I think you are correct. Good Defenses always eventually catch up to good offenses. Sure the Air Coryell’s of the world blitzkrieg things for a year or two but defenses usually figure it out....At least at the NFL level.