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  • Diminishing Attendance

    There is a thread on esugar initiated by Playa Rape giving actual football attendance figures for the 2017 season at Washington/Griz. Of course, his stats only confirmed what 99% of us already knew...... that attendance was significantly down, and getting worse every year since Pflu was fired. What is hilarious is the fact that this thread was initiated by Playa Rape, who publicly tried to argue against the fact that both tail-gating and actual attendance was WAY DOWN from the glory years! Even more revealing, is the fact that Wally chose not to comment in this thread. I guess he did not want to be embarrassed once again by admitting that he firmly argued last fall in my threads regarding our diminishing fan base on Maroonblood, stating that my observation was a myth! Right on, Wally. We don't want to burst your maroon-colored fantasy world!

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    Declining attendance shatters the move up crowd as well.


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      No reason for us to move up, at all. Hopefully with Bobby back, and better leadership at the top we can start to fill WaGriz again