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Who is "the guy" this coming season?

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  • Who is "the guy" this coming season?

    With Schye leaving and no clear cut star QB (GJ can be but isn’t yet) who is the guy we point to and say “he can make a play” when we need it?

    I think Josh Buss is the closest sure thing we have, on defense. Who would it be on offense? I just have no idea on O since we are young and have nothing proven returning

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    I think it will be interesting to see JLM this year. He didn't have the dynamic second year many expected. I will be interested to see if he is given more of a chance to get separation prior to getting the ball. Thinking more of the drag routes Marianni made a career running.


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        Would like to see Sims take the next step and consistently dominate the inside. He is the next Griz that gets a shot at the NFL if he chooses that path


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          I think a RB has the best opportunity. Nothing gets lineman fired up like watching a running back run through someone. Wideouts get pumped when they can lay the block that springs a 20 yard run. Which one on the team has the heart and will to run through tackles?


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            I think the QB position offers a classic opportunity for someone the be “the guy”.