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5 Early Favorites to Win The Buck Buchanan Award

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  • 5 Early Favorites to Win The Buck Buchanan Award

    If Menard comes back healthy from the ACL he might just walk away with this award before he goes to the NFL. Bridges would be the only guy to push him if Menard isnt back physically. Its a very strong preseason list.

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    The article says Buss has 198 tackles in his career. If Josh has another productive year like last year, he would end up with approximately 284 tackles in the regular season. That would place him 14th all time. Remember Buss is doing that with no playoff games to add to his career total.

    If Montana were to make the playoffs and win a game he might be able to add 15-20 to his total, moving him up to 8th all time. Not bad when you consider the guys ahead of him all had multiple seasons of deep playoff runs.

    Buss has 36 TFL right now and is 3 behind Jason Crebo for 8th place all time. If he repeats last seasons total of 22, he would end up with 58 for his career and that would place him ahead of record holder Zach Wagenmann (53)

    Josh is a great kid and has an infectious positive attitude. Josh has worked hard and earned all of this and I am happy to watch him succeed both on and off the field.
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      Interesting stats thanks for sharing, Buss has been a very good player

      If all of those players have good years I think I agree that Menard or Bridges win it. Both seem to be elite talents