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  • Position rankings by grade

    Lots of back and forth on multiple sites about the talent level at Montana. One of the national boards has a wide range of commentary on the current roster and how it projects for the upcoming 2018 season. I have read opinions on gogriz and talked with some of the coaching staff about their talent analysis but where would you guys rank each position on this years team?

    QB - B-
    RB - C+
    WR - C
    TE - B-
    OL - D

    Offensive depth - C

    K - B
    P - B
    KR - C
    PR - C-

    DL - B+
    LB - C+
    S - D
    CB - Incomplete

    Defensive depth - D

    That is my opinion on the matter, it will be interesting to get a sense of where other people fall in talent assessment.

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    I agree with almost all of your position grades, except that I would give our WRs a "B" grade.


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      QB - C+ Sneed more talented and a better QB, he should be the minimum we will accept at this program.
      RB - D Hopefully somebody like Lee or Eastwood steps up and can play this position, Calhoun is a bust, hes soft and lets face it hes lazy
      WR - D Calhoun only complete WR we have the rest really need to work on their skills become more rounded. Curran needs to be a DB hes the most worthless WR I can remember.
      TE - B- Some size and talent here, will have to see how it pans out.
      OL - F Total joke that we dont have one player worth a damn at the positions we used to dominate for decades.

      Offensive depth - D

      K - C+ All the people that jerk themselves to sleep each nigh over Hauck and his ability to run special teams better hope he makes this squad better because its been a disaster for 5 years.
      P - B+
      KR - D
      PR - C-

      DL - B+ Lots of size and talent here need Sims to take the next step and Shaw needs to do the same thing.
      LB - B- Buss is solid and hopefully the unproven players can step up and keep the front 7 the best part of this team.
      S - D Hopefully the transfer can solidify one of the spots, we have little else
      CB - Incomplete and a fucking joke, Hauck better get some drop downs or we will give up 30+ points a game

      Defensive depth - D

      Very average talent and lots of players underachieving is going to make this a really long year.


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        Because I have been a fan of Rosy's scheme, not always his other non-coaching stuff, I think people are vastly underplaying the WR and RB positions. I get those positions have the 'Stitt Stink' around here, but his scheme is going to get the ball into JLM's, Calhouns and Toure's hands rather efficiently. Biggest change is how the RB's are used and I think it'll benefit Calhoun specifically but also someone like Green (provided he returns healthy) probably stands to the benefit the most.

        The concern, is outside of the top three or four guys on the OL, and Villaneuva is a stud, there isn't as noted any depth. I think there is room for emergence in this scheme, it'll help the young guys moving from a passive run set to having more man blocking scheme. My guess is that you'll see some moving of personnel outside in and around throughout fall drills. There has been some nice emergence of fringe guys during winter and spring drills but I'd think there is some desire to get a drop down OL or JC guy after spring drills.

        Defensively, I have a couple basic assumptions and the change in scheme is going to help and protect our perimeter. We'll likely see less passive cover 2, less cover 0 and a lot more blended coverage. The gift of those multiple defenses (3-3, 4-2) is that you can diversify your pass route protection schemes while not tipping your hand. We'll see how this evolves into the fall, but I do know the coverage issues in the spring are less talent wise and more directly to the immersion into a vastly different scheme. If you aren't doing much exotic up front early on, you can get stuck on an island and word on the street is that was what went on during the last scrimmage. Won't be the best unit by depth, but Cowans, Nash and Egbo have the opportunity to excel in this type of scheme at corner. Can see Crow develop into an excellent mid-field corner-safety type that have been the hallmark of these 4-2 or 3-3 schemes. That is just a guess really, but he has all the characteristics of what makes a good candidate for that type of role.


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          I am not impressed with Egbo. If that is the best talent we can put on the field, we are in real trouble! I don't agree with Alpha on our receivers. I love JLM, Akem, and Calhoun...... and I think Toure has a chance to play on Sundays.


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            Need Toure and Akem to really play like they are capable, and we should have a good group of receivers.


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              Akem has the size and has shown flashes. If he can put it together, then he will be a good possession receiver. All of them need to eliminate the drops. Maybe some running of stairs will bring them into focus.


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                New regime, new scheme on both offense and defense, culture change and division in the ranks all point to a rough season ahead. Everyone knows Bobby doesn't play favorites and won't coddle players, he develops them and pushes them to be better than they are. I would guess that some other players are going to be leaving over the summer because they cannot stand the heat.

                With the OL struggling to find an identity and a very sketchy secondary with little to no depth both sides of the ball have major question marks. I would probably grade the overall talent on this team a C-. If Bobby gets some drop down talent to fill gaps and add depth they may bump up to a C, C+ or B- by the time fall ball rolls around.