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How long does Bobby get to turn the program around?

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    Originally posted by spanky1 View Post
    I thought you two were friends?
    Even if we were best friends I doubt AG would miss an opportunity to be a smartass. I sure wouldn’t


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      Go .500 this year, with a win over the Cats. Playoffs next year.


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        Pack, we lose two games and one won’t be to state college.


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          Originally posted by growler View Post

          It is hilarious to watch Alphie lamely try to deflect the fact that he reacts like a pre-mentstrual 7th grade girl when he gets his feelings hurt. He has been lying about the back door for 15 years, then thinks I actually want to have a beer with him and his drunken friends. Bi-polar is not even strong enough for his affliction.

          If you don't want me to post on your site, I won't. Then you can just talk to yourself through your 10 screen names.
          Good, see ya!

          Somehow I suspect you will be just like an STD and never go away.......but we can hope, you lying hack


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            It would be really cool if both of you assholes would quit posting here.


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              I am willing to give Bobby 3 years to change the culture and get a few of his recruiting classes involved in the change then judge him after that. Stitt set the program back and left many holes to fill, he also left marginal talent and no mental toughness. Bobby will get that changed in a hurry.