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Akoh Quits Team?

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  • Akoh Quits Team?

    Heard a rumor that he quit, no heart didn't want to play anymore. Sad if true we need his size inside if we make the tournament

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    Heard otherwise and Colter wrote an article about Akoh yesterday that seems to suggest he's still around. That being said, heard (rumor only) there was some debate about the course of action to undergo with his knee. That type of knee injury is difficult to handle. Surgery is more definitive but provides a longer window of rehab. The Rest doesn't guarantee full health at any point, but a potential to learn to tolerate the knee fatigue and general pain while playing through it. Pain tolerance for a joe schmo is a lot different than a 6-8 and 280 pound behemoth in the post. The question is it worth it to be 60-80% for the rest of the season, or be out for three-four weeks and be 90% when you return? For coaches and players, that is a difficult choice. Had it been earlier on in the year, say time of his wrist injury, I think surgery would have been the obvious choice.

    I have said this before, I'd take full ligament tears over a Patella or Meniscus strain or tear any day. The chronic pain while trying to work through it is energy sapping and drains your whole body. Just a bitch of an injury. There is no clear rehab path, surgery isn't always suggested, and the answer is always rest/time. Akoh didn't have the ability to rest and sure as heck didn't have time.