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    As a former high school BB coach, as well as a former NCAA BB official, I would like to share some comments about the current Griz BB team........

    + The Griz are not a great shooting team
    + As I predicted early in the season, their poor foul shooting would cost them wins. It did versus Idaho
    + Why didn't DeCuire call a TO in regulation to set up a play, instead of allowing Rorie to go 1-on-1, with a chance to win?
    + DeCuire is mis-using Pridgett. Sayeed is great at posting-up low and creating shots, yet TD does not utilize that talent. Sayeed could be a force down low if used that way
    + No way Idaho is able to shoot 3's like that again!
    + Oguine plays out-of-control too much, and tries to go 1-on-1 way too much!
    + Oguine and Pridgett commit too many stupid fouls, many of them "reach-ins" and "off-the-ball" fouls
    + DeCuire seems to always get out-coached during crunch-time
    + Griz defenders need to stay on their feet more when opponents use shot-fakes. They get in-the-air too often allowing penetration or fouls. Jud Heathcote would go ballistic watching these kids get out-of-position so often. Yes, their athleticism and double-teams cause lots of turnovers..... but their basic defensive fundamentals in guarding an opponent one-on-one is not there! Too many players leaving their feet after ball-fakes..... too many stupid fouls.
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    Wanted to add a few comments about playing defense. There are two types of defense...... team defense, and ball defense. The Griz are very good at team defense (B+), but very weak at "ball defense". The definition of "ball defense" is when an opponent has the ball, and is guarded by a single defender. With ball defense, using basic defensive fundamentals is essential. And, the Griz players (other than Fabian) are not very good at this. They commit way too many of these fundamental break-downs....... leave their feet, jump into players instead of jumping straight-up, take poor angles when a player drives past them which causes blocking fouls, and by not putting a hand into the sight/vision line of the shooter as he puts up a shot. The Griz have the athleticism to become great one-one-one defenders....... but it looks like they need more coaching on the fundamentals of playing "ball defense" Fabian does it, probably taught by his Australian coaches.

    I hope TD reads this post. I could teach these players to excel at ball defense...........but, can he and his coaches do so??? It takes looks of practice time to teach it. Maybe they need to spend more time on it. They've got the team defensive thing down. Now, work on the ball defense to really be a great defensive team like Jud and Brandy had in the 70's. For you youngsters..... Montana was annually ranked in the Top 5 NATIONALLY among all college teams in defense from 1974-79! Jud's Michigan State teams were always ranked nationally in defense. Magic Johnson has been quoted in saying that he learned to play defense by Heathcote, not by his NBA coaches!