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  • Wish List For Next Season

    We shot about 25% against the Big Blew, and looked very intimidated much of the time on offense. Our defense disrupted Michigan, causing them to give us so many opportunities to win the game. But, the kiss-of-death was going 10 minutes at the start of the second half scoring exactly TWO POINTS on 1-14 shooting!

    We should be much better next season, but here are the things on my wish list to go up to the next level:

    Oguine- work on shooting the three
    Rorie- Take charge more as the main ball-handler.... penetrate and dish more
    Akoh_ Work on catching the ball. Work on post moves. Stop rushing shots. Learn to use head fakes to create shot opportunities. Learn drop-step
    Moorehead_ Work on first step off the dribble to the hoop
    Falls- Lose the mustard from the hot dog and play with discipline!
    Pridgett- Work on 3-point and mid-range shooting
    DeCuire- Change the offense to get more off-the-ball movement. Use more baseline screens to free-up 3-point shooters. Too much standing around on offense now. Develop ways to post-up Pridgett, who can be a prolific scorer down low.

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    Not sure our two guards were intimidated, but the the other team members may have been. The Griz seemed confused the second half.
    We have two of the best guards at any level in the nation and they play with confidence.
    We have a top notch coach. Just need a couple more quality players and the Griz will win against teams like Michigan at the Big Dance.


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      I will be happy if we still have our head coach....