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    Next years roster is pretty easy to predict, and there isn’t a lot of question about what the rotation will look like.

    Fabijan Krislovic Post

    Mac Anderson Fr -Bozeman
    Phillip Malatare Fr-Arlee (Presumed Walk-ON)

    By Class:
    S Bobby Moorehead W
    S Michael Oguine G
    S Ahmaad Rorie G
    S Jamar Akoh P

    6 Sayeed Pridgett W
    8 Niko Bevens G
    I Donaven Dorsey W

    6 Timmy Falls G
    7 Karl Nicholas P
    8 Trever Spoja G
    8 Lars Espe G
    8 Admir Besovic P

    RS Kelby Kramer P
    RS Peter Jones W


    What I wonder about in regards to next year....

    1. Who becomes the 5th Starter? There are a bunch of candidates (Dorsey, Falls, Nicholas, Pridgett)...

    2. Who can become the go-to third scorer. Down the road this year, outside of Oguine, Rorie, who becomes that third option.

    3. How does the post situation develop? Nicolas, Pridgett, Besovic and Kramer all could provide significant depth there, but they are significantly different types of post players.

    4. Will there be roster changes outside of the one departure? Will there be more roster churn? Is there a weakness that needs to be addressed? Perimeter Shooting? Instant help elsewhere? A 6th year transfer?

    Just thought I would start a discussion...Chat away.

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    I know nothing about any of the red-shirt kids, nor about the two 7-footers. I am not expecting much from the two bigs, because I think they would have been playing this past season if they were any good. You can't coach 7-feet! You have 16 players listed to come in...... so some have to go.