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  • DeCuire

    The pundits over at esugar are discussing increasing the comp package for Travis as a way to keep him. Yawn........ sound familiar? We saw the same types of posts trying to keep Krysto and Tinkle. Why can't Griz fans face the reality that a mid-major basketball head coaching job is nothing more than a stepping-stone for every coach? We have lost every great basketball coach (and football coach) to a major school ever since the Jud Heathcote days. It will not change. Get used to it and stop praying for a miracle to happen.

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    No doubt you are correct.


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      Everyone in Missoula expects coaches to be like Robin, and simply be content here. They forget that Robin was already here 20 years before GBB got to the point where coaches at big schools were making a lot of money. By that time, he had already entrenched himself here. The money today is so ridiculous for even a better mid-major school that a coach would be crazy not to take it for family security purposes. Wayne and Larry have set themselves (and their children) up financially. We would all do it.