Great NAU Re-Cap

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Great NAU Re-Cap

Postby growler » Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:25 am

AzGrizFan posted the following on It is a very good synopsis of the NAU game, and I could have written 90% of it myself. Good education material for pedestrian fans:

"Was able to watch the game tonight, after being out of town watching the track meet between Texas Tech and Oklahoma this's my takeaways:

1) Brady once again became "Road Brady"....virtually every SINGLE pass that was catchable was actually caught. Every other pass was 4-8 feet over the receiver's head....Brady missed multiple wide open receivers on plays that would have either scored or extended drives. Seems like once Brady gets hit 3-4 times he gets rattled, frustrated, happy feet and exacerbates a pre-existing problem with accuracy.
2) NAU's #44 is pretty f***[*] good. Really f***[*] good.
3) NAU's true freshman RB is the real deal. He's gonna cause nightmares for the next 3 years.
4) Why did it seem like 90% of Brady's targets were to Calhoun? Was he the only WR able to get open? Where the hell were Bingham, Horner, Homan, Hovey, etc., etc....I realize each caught a pass or two, but Jesus, it seemed like Calhoun's #/name was called about 20 times.
5) Caleb Lyons is starting to remind me waaaaay to much of Chase Nacaratto. And that's not a good thing.
6) When the Griz REALLY needed to get back in the game, NAU was able to flip the field and bury the Griz deep multiple times late in the game....back breaker.
7) NAU's public address announcer might be the most annoying I've ever heard.....that "thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird down!!!!" Call makes me want to shoot him--repeatedly.
8) NAU's announcers....what can I say. If I hear "partner", "buddy" or "pal" or any other term of endearment between them again I may shoot MYSELF....Jesus what a strange vibe in that booth....
9) TWO more turnovers inside our own 30. BOTH resulting in TD's again. Ain't no WAY we're gonna win games against good teams shooting ourselves in the foot repeatedly like that. Same shit that cost us in Cal Poly.
10) The D. The D looked....."lost"? Confused? Out of sorts? Unprepared? It was weird, many times they were running around at the snap of the ball and weren't prepared (or didn't seem to be prepared) when NAU hiked the ball.
11) Did John Nguyen really get caught from behind by the f***[*] NOSE TACKLE???? :shock: :lol:
12) The drop by Hovey early in the 4th and deep in our own territory was a killer. Absolute killer. Right in his hands, no excuse.
13) What. The. f***. Is the deal with our kick coverage? How can we NOT kick the ball into the end zone in NAU of all places? Seemed like they were starting every drive at the 50 or closer. Their guy kicked it regularly 8 yards deep....ours got to the 2-3 yard line.
14) NAU's camera work is absolutely atrocious. Half the plays were missed.
15) I realize this was JR's first game back, and for the most part he played well...but he needs to STFU and play....quit bitching about offensive PI. Butler is a your job.
16) Markel Sanders played a terrible game. Really bad...Got burned for the first two TD's...whiffed on a tackle late in the 4th that would have stopped NAU. It was like Nelson coming back made the Defense WORSE.
17) What we saw was what happens to our D when the pressure doesn't get there. With the DB's on an island, LOTS of passes are going to get completed against our D if the pressure doesn't EVER get there...and it never got there. NAU's O-line did the job and kept Kidder & Co. Off of Kemp....
18) Is JLM really THAT important to this team?
19) Does the O-Line run-block better for Calhoun? 8-) Converesely, there wasn't a single running play that started out E/W that was successful against NAU's D-line. Much more success hitting the line fast and hard.
20) If I hear "Gustafson's pass is overthrown..." One more time I think I'm gonna puke. So, so, SO tired of watching balls sail over receivers heads. "
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