Show of force at BOR meeting in Missoula

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Show of force at BOR meeting in Missoula

Postby growler » Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:09 pm

Looks like the Board of Regents are scheduled to meet in Missoula November 17-18 somewhere at the University of Montana. We need to get everyone we can harness to show up en mass to express our feelings about replacing Royce Engstrom as head of our university. We have plenty of legitimate ammo considering the declining enrollment every year, and his failure to recognize the tremendous asset that Griz football is to the overall health of UM. Empty seats in Washington/Griz on Saturdays means diminishing revenue, and money talks with these Board members!

Since the Hitler Youth have removed me from egriz, I am unable to make a post over there to ask for support in a show-of-force to the Board at their meeting next week. So, I would ask one of you to initiate a thread on egriz on this subject. Blame it on me, if you wish. If we can get some momentum going, I will fly to Missoula next week to join the protesters. If you REALLY want to help get our football program back on track, we must remove the head-of-the-beast....... Mr. Engstrom.

And, if anyone has any connections at The Missoulian to initiate a story about this ground-swell, it would really help get the word out in advance of their meeting.
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