The luster has come off......

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The luster has come off......

Postby growler » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:15 am

If one visits esugar, and reads the comments from many posters who rarely contribute posts, it is quite obvious that the luster is rapidly deteriorating for the sugar-coating posters like Wally and HavaHillary. It used to be that most posters hung their hats on what Wahlnerd was posting........ but now realizing that he was merely coating a turd with sucrose. You see these two dudes are nothing more than surrogates for the Griz coaching staff, much like the mainstream media were Hillary's surrogates during the election.

Their agenda should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. They are so obsessed with being insiders that they refuse to EVER offer criticism of this coaching staff. Their disappearance following the Cat debacle should be revealing to you. They understand that their act is getting tired and old, and Griz fans are no longer buying what they are trying to sell.
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